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Army cadets

217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU)
Quarterly Report for 3rd Quarter 2017

Yvonne Fuller
217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) ~ Training Officer (TRGOFFR)

1. Hello all.

217ACU has settled into a new routine with change of Unit Commander and new staff and cadets joining the Organisation. Term 2 and 3 of the year will see us change our focus from ceremonial and history to field craft and navigation in the lead up to the Annual Field Exercise held in September.

2. Activity wise

This last quarter has seen many events happen at unit level to National Headquarters. At the unit level Term 2 and Term 3 camps were conducted successfully,
Working Bees improving the Unit Location. 21BN conducted Weapons Training and Competition Days where Drill and Military Skills were tested. NSW Brigade conducted the Promotion courses in July, where 2 of217ACU Cadets attended and completed the Junior Leaders and Senior Leaders Module 1 courses. A change of Command for the Australian Army Cadets had seen Brigadier W. Budd posted elsewhere and incoming Brigadier M. Ashleigh becoming the new Commander of the AAC.

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3. Promotions

Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure in promoting several Cadets including: RCT’s now CDT’s Barratt, B. Roddom, C. Roddom and K. Hobman, CDT now LCPL N. Farleigh-Hall, LCPL now CPL S. Anderson and C. Howarth.

4. Future events

These include AFX Ex Menin conducted on 23-30 September 2017, 21BN WTSS Shoot in mid-October and preparations for Remembrance Day and End of Year Functions planned for the 2 December 2017 are well under way.

5. 217ACU is working towards achieving AAC goals and developing the next generation into the leaders of tomorrow.

Kind regards

Eyvonne Fuller
217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) ~ Training Officer (TRGOFFR)
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Upcoming Activities and tasks

  • AFX17
  • Remembrance Day
  • Organise long lead time activities;
  • Cadet of the Year Activity 17,
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award, and Adventurous Training Activity (ATA).
  • End of Year Parade

217ACU parades every Monday evening during the school term:

  • at Charlton Christian College, Fassifern
  • 1800 – 2100 (6 pm – 9 pm)

– so just come along and learn experiences for the future.

Ages from 12½ to 18


For more information:

Visit the Army Cadets website: www.armycadets.gov.au

or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hqaustarmycadets/


Captain (AAC) Yvonne Fuller  (Officer Commanding 217ACU)

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