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217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU)
Quarterly Report

Yvonne Fuller
217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) ~ Officer Commanding (OC)

 Mobile: 0409 310 713

   Spring 2022

Hello Readers!

  What a whirlwind this winter has been. 217 ACU has been involved with many activities over the last few months and we are geared up to take on the new challenges of Spring.

 In July, 217 ACU sent CDTLCPL Kody Deppeler and CDTLCPL  Alessandro Perrazolo to the NSW AAC Brigade Promotion Courses where both Cadets were successful in completing the Corporal Leadership Course. Congratulations!

 August was full of 21 AAC Battalion activities where 217 ACU was able to send a group to RAAF Base Williamtown to conduct a simulated weapons shoot. 217ACU also hosted the 21 AAC Battalion Competition Day, where all Units in the Battalion competed in Drill and Team Sports for the day. While 217 ACU did not top these activities, it was a great opportunity to mix with the other Units and have some friendly fun.

 It was also at this activity that CDTWO2 Cooper Smith was appointed the 21 AAC Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) and he now has the responsibility and leadership for our Hunter/Central Coast Region. He is the 4th person from 217ACU to hold a Battalion position in the last 8 years. During September, it was all about getting down and dirty in the Field. Mid-month we travelled to Singleton Military Area and conducted a field skills camp. Cadets learnt about daily routines, health and hygiene, navigation, first aid and working as members of a team in this field environment. This was all in preparation for the Annual Field  Exercise held during the first week of the Spring school holidays. While wet, Cadets made the most of the activity and participated in living in the field for a week and experienced activities at the School of Infantry like the over-water and over-land obstacle courses, abseiling and more.

 Future activities include plans to assist the community for Remembrance Day, however nil requests have been received at this stage. We are conducting a Lance Corporals course to promote leadership qualities in our junior cadets. We are planning a big trip down to Young in Southern Slopes NSW to team up with 200 ACU in participating in their Dine-In function and End of Year Parade.

  Please keep safe and thank you for your continued support and patience.

Kind regards

Yvonne Fuller ~ CAPT (AAC)

217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) ~ Officer Commanding (OC)

Mobile: 0409 310 713                                                                        

Unit email: 217acu@armycadets.gov.au

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217ACU parades every Monday evening during the school term:

  • at Morisset High School
  • 1800 – 2100 (6 pm – 9 pm)

– so just come along and learn experiences for the future.

Ages from 12½ to 18


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Visit the Army Cadets website: www.armycadets.gov.au

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Captain (AAC) Yvonne Fuller  (Officer Commanding 217ACU)

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