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Army cadets

217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU)
Quarterly Report

Yvonne Fuller
217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) ~ Officer Commanding (OC)

 Mobile: 0409 310 713

      AUTUMN 2022

  1. Hello Readers!
  2. I hope you all had a lovely time over the Summer and the New Year is treating you all well.
  3. In the previous report, it was advised that we might have a new location at Edgeworth. Unfortunately, due to some business restructure, Hunter Care are no longer able to assist us with a new    location. We have had to revert to our back-up of returning to Morisset High School for the time being and they are welcoming us back warmly. This means from Term 2 (2 MAY 22) we will be operating out of Morisset for the rest of 2022 at the very least.
  4. While the relocation liaison has been occurring, LT (AAC) Phillip Arthur and 2LT (AAC) Caleb Watts have been holding the Unit together by ensuring our Training Program is being delivered for the attending Cadets.

The activities 217 ACU has been involved with so far this year is the West Lake Macquarie National Servicemen’s Day where both Staff and Cadets were involved in the Service. We post photos of our   activities to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/217ACU if you want to check out any of our previous activities

  1. Future activities at this time of the year increase due to ANZAC commitments and due to staffing levels, we are only able to support one activity at any one time. If you wish to see the Cadets in the Unit at any of the services we are supporting we will be at the Speers Point Dawn Service, Teralba Morning Service and Toronto March and Service. Further details can be found in most local papers for Service times and exact locations.

Please keep safe and thank you for your continued support and patience.


Kind regards

Yvonne Fuller ~ CAPT (AAC)

217 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) ~ Officer Commanding (OC)

Mobile: 0409 310 713                                                                        

Unit email: 217acu@armycadets.gov.au

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217ACU parades every Monday evening during the school term:

  • at Morisset High School
  • 1800 – 2100 (6 pm – 9 pm)

– so just come along and learn experiences for the future.

Ages from 12½ to 18


For more information:

Visit the Army Cadets website: www.armycadets.gov.au

or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hqaustarmycadets/


Captain (AAC) Yvonne Fuller  (Officer Commanding 217ACU)

Email: @