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Autum 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to our summer report, things are very quiet as a lot of our members and their wives are not doing well, health wise, it could be something to do with our age bracket.


Our outing for January was to be at the Mooney Mooney Club but was cancelled due to booking arrangements. Toronto Royal Motor Yacht Club was selected for the outing. This turned out to be the last day for the Restaurant contract and it ended up like a celebration. 20 filled the table and the three people having birthday were presented with cards for the occasion, a very good day was had by all.


March 12 was our National Servicemen’s Day which was very hard to work due to new rules and regulations. Bruce Robberds was doing the program but has had a very bad dose of what seemed like the Flue for several weeks. The program was altered several times and was changed on the day as 3 were not able to come. Our day was saved by the Trumpet player Patricia O’Hearn who did an excellent job. Special thanks to (Lt R’td) David Herbert  who acted as MC with all the rushed changes handled on the day.  After the service we went to the Toronto Hotel for lunch. Newcastle National Service Club attended both functions with us.

The combined National Service Club’s meeting was held by Newcastle National Service Club on the 15th of March at Wallsend Diggers Club, Tuggerah Lakes club (NSAA) has closed and is a    social group now. It was very interesting to hear what different clubs were doing. John Sterland went to his usual 2 weeks at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Our AGM was held on the 9th of April with no changes and our next outing is to Harrigan’s Hotel at Cameron Park on the 14th of May. Wishing good health to all.