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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Its’s great weather for the garden but it’s very damp underfoot.  With the weather the way it is, everything appears to be travelling in slow motion and will probably remain that way until the sun returns and we get back to a normal way of life for Spring.

I was unable to travel with the members and their wives to the Bonnells Bay Hotel but apparently from all reports they all had a good time and a great meal with the recommendation of returning in the future.

Our next outing was at the Gunya Hotel, Belmont which was also an excellent experience, the meals were great  and so large that people were sharing them between two.  We’ll definitely be going back.  Des and Kim Gill were not in attendance as Des’s mother had recently passed away.  Our condolences go out to them.

Our Secretary Bruce was kept busy with the passing of Queen Elizabeth 11, Queen of Australian attending to Flag Duties at our      Memorial Goff et Park.

NSW National Servicemen’s  A.G.M. was held at Lakemba, the first held for a couple of years.  The meeting was opened by George    Sachse, Vice President, due to the passing of our  President Ron Brown earlier in the year.

Following the election, the new President elect was Greg Mawson who then took the Chair and continued the meeting.  Greg has already  attended to all emails of NSW National Servicemen’s Association and Affiliates Inc., as well as having up to date records of all club names, emails, phone numbers.

Dennis Moran who is now permanently in a wheelchair remained as Secretary reporting that he is quite capable of doing the job.

I noticed that most of the Nasho’s have some affect of aging taking  into account that we were called into Service in the 1950 and 60’.  It was noticed that quite a lot of them had aides to assist them getting about such as canes, walkers and even wheelchairs.

Newcastle’s National Servicemen’s Combined CLUBS Meeting is on the 14th October at North Lambton Waterboard Bowling Club, we expect a bigger crowd there this time, as we have no bushfires or maybe no floods in the area.

As far as our members go, Bruce Robberds and friends are off to the Australian GP at Phillip Island.

There are numerous illnesses amongst our members and their wives at present.  Gordon Gardiner is home from hospital and as well as can be expected.  Noeline Smith is also out of hospital.

Here’s hoping that the rain stops, the ground dries up so that we can all get  on with  “Spring” before it becomes “Summer”.

Best wishes to all.                                                                                      



Gordon Maxwell