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Winter 2017 Newsletter

Greetings all

Again winter is upon us and time to dust off the heaters, put away the mower and relax for a bit, yes have already had a good frost here in Cooranbong.

Sadly again we have lost 2 members since the last KIT was published – John Steele and Ross Mitchell, John’s smiling face in the front row and words of guidance and help will be sorely missed as will the visits from Ross when he was down in Toronto from his second home in Tamworth.

Another Sausage Sizzle has been done, this time with a changed format that has it seems worked quite well just a small tweak in a couple of places and all should run well for the next if there is to be one, The 3 team system with a team leader took a great load off Bruce and I as well as Des, and I wish to thank all that helped out on the day, it was a profitable event and monies have been again raised for the cadets and the other originations we donate to each year, though we all are getting older and slower it is great to see willing helpers, never know one day may even get those that have never assisted along for a 3 hour stint.

Bruce, Des, and I attended the service at Burwood and as usual the assistance given to that sub branch from the local council is amazing – the programme alone is outstanding: there were many from other branches there as well as many military dignities past and present, Cadets, Air league, and bands and free sausage sizzle and coffee served by the local scouts, Rhonda and her committee do a marvellous job each year for this service. Perhaps the next one it would be worth the Westlake’s sub branch attending as a group, whilst we are still able, something to ponder on.

The 3 monthly meetings of the sub branch’s north of the Hawkesbury have continued and wish to thank V.P.Gordon for standing in as I could not attend, our next one will be at Toukley should any wish to come along and sit in, also a second talk by Tony Gardner is on the books at a meeting, his last one on Darwin was informative and look forward to the one on Timor at date yet to be set.

As I look out the window today, Monday of the long weekend, there is something strange and something I have not seem for quite some time a blue SKY and sunshine, fingers crossed it stays around for a while and I can finish playing with the godson’s boat bottom and get it back in the water – expensive things slipways as you
pay by the metre per day plus, 12 ton of game fish –

The definition of a boat is a rectangular hole in the water into which one pours lots of money, especially if made of wood.

Not much more to say but will finish off with an item on the dangers of drinking tea some may be able to relate to this:

Tea is more dangerous than Beer. Please avoid drinking Tea.

I discovered this a few days ago. I had 12 beers till about 3 am, with a friend over the road …

. . . while my wife was just drinking tea at home.

You should have seen how violent and angry she was when I arrived home.

I was peaceful, silent and headed to bed as she shouted at me . . .

. . . All night and even into the next morning,

Please ladies, if you cannot handle your tea, don’t drink it.

Until the next issue in Spring, look forward to seeing you all at meetings.
Regards to all

Andrew Macrae