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Summer 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to summer at last but it looks like a big wet is coming in a big way.

Our next outing for 2022 was to Club Macquarie for lunch, 8 members turned up as the covid scare was on.  I was told the meals were very good and the  atmosphere light and airy.  February, we had a small meeting to plan for future  up-coming  events.  Our AGM was put off until April the 14th.  Our National Servicemen’s Day put back to the 19th of March.  Our next outing was lunch at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto where we had 18 for lunch with a beautiful setting, looking out of the windows. The lake was like a mirror with no breeze and a big variety of yachts and cruises moored around the Club foreshore. Lobsters were a very popular meal.  All were very satisfied with their meal and their choice of deserts

The National Servicemen’s Day was on the 19th March was held at Toronto  Digger’s Club due to rain as Goffet Park was far to wet to walk or stand on, Bruce Robberds, Secretary and Janice Hargrave did the organizing with the club, with:-

Master of Ceremonies being    Major John Doig (R’td) Patron

Catafalque Party ‘Australian Armed Forces Heritage Re-Enactment Unit’

Parade Commander”- Lieutenant David Herbert ED (RTD)

Introduction:- Lyle  Constable

Prayer of Remembrance:- Squadron Leader Paul Moro CO 316 Air Force  Cadets

Prayer for ADF:- Captain Yvonne Fuller CO 217 Army Cadets-

Pastoral Address:- Major Rev Tony Lang OAM Chaplain Westlake Macquarie NSSA ‘Lord’s Prayer and the Benediction’

Honour our Departed Members:- Howard Trevethan

Laying of Tributes:- Alf Sulman-Allan Black – Bruce Robberds

RSL ODE:- Alwyn Crampton

PIPER:- Malcolm Newbiggen ~ BUGLER:- Kye Jeffries

National Servicemen’s ODE:- President Gordon Maxwell

It was a sad loss to lose our State President Ron Brown OAM recently, and as a result sent flowers and a sympathy card to the family.


Gordon Maxwell  ~  President