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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to spring, we hope it’s a better season. On Reserve Forces day at Civic Park we had a good rollup and had a good lunch at C.B.D. Hotel and several raffles run.

We received confirmation for a barbeque at Bunnings on 2nd December 2018. Will need helpers.

We lost another popular Nasho, Allan Jenkins. The funeral was held at Avondale Chapel Cooranbong after a long illness. We formed a Guard of Honour from the Chapel. Approximately Twenty members attended. Refreshments was held at Lakeside Retirement Village at Morisset in the Hall.

The Catalina Comedy Dinner was held at Wangi Workers Club. We had a good rollup and everybody had a good night. We don’t know where the next one will be held, depending on repairs to Rathmines Hall.

The meeting at Gosford West Lake Macquarie Sub Branch suggested to them about getting together to organise donations to the Farmers Drought Relief. This is to be brought up next week at the State meeting. Nothing was organised with the Lawn Bowls as yet.

The New South Wales National Service Meeting was held at Lakemba Diggers. It was an A.G.M. with the same people going in but only two for committee. They have suggested that they may survive another two years. Two south coast groups have closed and Western Slopes had one month to go. Any members from a fold-ing club are welcome to join the state at the moment. The meeting was attended by myself, Bruce, Des and Alf. The Farmers Relief Fund is being run through State who put $2000 in to start it off, we have put our donation in at the meeting.

A lot of sickness is around with our members, wives and families. Alf Sulman had a nasty fall down the stairs at his home and spent time in Hospital and still receiving rehabilitation at Toronto Hospital. Andrew McCrae’s daughter, after a long wait has had a serious operation and looks like more to come. Our Padre, Paul O’Brien’s wife has had multi surgery and is still very ill. We wish all a good recovery.

Until next time

Vice President

Gordon Maxwell