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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Greetings all

This quarter there is not much to report,

Myself, Gordon, along with Janice and Keven, attended the AGM of the State Branch. Sadly there were many sub-branches not attending this year, though it was good to see those you only get to see once a year. Not much was raised and the committee was returned for a further year, and monies were paid to the breakaway group by court ruling, if I recall correctly. It is a matter of we just keep going for another year and damn the breakaways.

The Quarterly meeting of the Hunter groups took place at Toukley, attended by committee members. The usual discussions were held and again nothing to report from this except we are holding the next Quarterly at Toronto. My wife and I attended the 20th birthday of the Gosford branch; a service was held at the Memorial followed by a dinner at the Leagues Club. How time has flown since myself and another Andrew started the ball rolling to form this sub-branch. It took long, hard work and it is gratifying to see that it has a large membership along with the wives, and many different outings and trips are done. It seems trips away on cruise lines is a favourite with them.

Also a Sausage sizzle was held for the TLKALESCO school for the students, a small school with children from disadvantaged families and with other problems. It went well and we wish to thank those members that assisted on the day. Sadly their BBQ was missing a set of burners, along with a couple of other problems, and Gordon kindly purchased a replacement which we picked up from Salamander Bay. Again a much deserved thanks, Gordon, from myself and the school .The students were over the moon with the surprise and many of the girls sat talking to Janet and Rhonda. This surprised even the teachers as some of the children are withdrawn when in company. Again, thank you all who gave of their time.

You will all be notified of what is happening re Christmas gathering for the sub-branch and I ask on State’’s behalf that all FEES are paid in by December 2017 as this helps them with their budget. Fees were still being paid on the day of the AGM by some groups and members. Please see Des and pay him before the Christmas break.

That’s about all. I ask you all to take a moment and think of Bruce and his family due to their sad loss of a daughter.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all. Be sure to let all your friends know it IS Christmas NOT a Happy Holiday. This is one we will not lose to the PC correct brigade. And YES, still doing Santa.

Regards to all

Andrew Macrae