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Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Greetings all

Well autumn is upon us and already there is that touch of coolness and snow falling down south we may be in for a cold winter, so much for Global Warming and with the rain that has fallen so much for empty dams .  ONYA Prof TIM

For those that were not at the AGM the same people are back holding the reins for another year ,with a new VP  Gordon Maxwell and a couple of new committee members to help us through out the coming year., also you now have to Patrons who will be introduced at the next meeting in May.  Sadly only 2 postal nominations were received the vote coming from the floor from the members that attended, remember it is your sub branch and hopefully this coming year we can promote more interest  and have more attending  meetings. The meeting in May will have a guest speaker whom I believe will keep your interest on the subject of which he will speak re WW1, this hopefully will be the first of others that we can hopefully get to speak to all on various subjects.

Should you know of anyone willing to speak for about 20minutes or so on any subject you think may interest all please notify Bruce or me and we will see what can be arranged.

Anzac day is again approaching fast and this issue of KIT will be out by then, we  the Nashos will again be providing help with the  Ice creams and drinks after the service, also a clean up the Saturday prior at the park   time to be notified  by email and also the erection of the RSL Gazebo the Morning of the service ,we will need 6/8 bodies at Goffet Park at 5am or a bit earlier to erect this and members to assist after the 11am service to dismantle and pack away, don’t be shy let Bruce or I know if able to assist with any of these chores please ,more hands make light work .

Keeping this short this time as the dead line was on the 1st and now 11th so must get away to Mitch for the autumn issue, remember please we do need your input and ideas for what you would like see being done   re outings, speakers surely we have many members with hidden talents, past experiences that would be of     interest to all at a meeting.

Look forward to seeing all at the Dawn Service or the March on Anzac day, this seems to be getting larger with each passing year with the public attendance.  So,  Polish the shoes brush off your Blazers and stand tall on the day I know all backs straighten and shoulders square up when you march as we all did in the 50s

Regards to all Andrew Macrae