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Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring is here with its unpredictable weather, but it looks like being a hot one.

We had a good roll-up at the Rathmines Catalina Club, twenty-five attended and had a great day.  Meals were mainly Thai, and the desserts were very huge.  
y wife Marjorie was very scared when she saw all that ice cream.  Alf and Margaret Sulman were unable to make it as they had been ill.  Margaret is having chemotherapy, since then Margaret and Alf have moved to Cameron Glen Retirement Village.

Greg Piper’s Government House Tour including lunch was done with two trips.  Some members missed out due to illness and had to cancel.

Lunch at Doyalson R.S.L. was arranged by Central Coast (Toukley) SecretaryTeresa Witby and her husband Ron. We had four members in attendance and Newcastle had four, also a couple from Gosford, because they had a funeral that day.  I got a big surprise to see the huge alterations that the Doyalson R.S.L. have made, it is a very classy club with excellent parking.  It was good to meet a lot of old friends and also make some new ones.  As a result, a very good day was had by all.

September 17th we had the State Annual Meeting at Lakemba R.S.L.  One of the items that did come up was to join the National Service of Australia Association but this was rejected by 100% vote again. Rumours about us closing is not true, we will just continue to operate as we are.

Our youngest member, Warren Taylor passed away.  He was the son of Committee man John Taylor and wife Margaret.  Warren was a member of the Toronto Brass Band in which he played the tuba.  The funeral was assisted by the Toronto Brass Band at Toronto United Church, then to Rhyhope for burial.  We  then attended the Toronto Diggers Club for the wake.

Our next outing for November has not yet been planned.

We still have a lot of sick and incapacitated members but we must all look on the bright side and carry on.


Gordon Maxwell       President